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Finance is a very important thing you manage. Managing finance is not going to be as easy as you see on television or seminars. But after all you still have to try to find out how to manage finances properly and correctly.

Actually managing finances there are many ways. You certainly have to choose which method works best for you. Some factors such as how much your salary, how much you spend, what your dependents, until your future plans will determine how the right way to manage finances. Here is how to set up monthly finances that are right for you.

1. Make a financial budget

Making a budget is one way that you can use money properly. Always try to make a priority scale. Priority scale will prevent you from buying something you don’t need. In addition, the financial budget will give an idea of ​​how much your monthly expenses.

2. Pay off your debt

The way to manage finances properly and correctly is to not have debts. Debt does not hurt, but debt will make your finances will not grow and be burdened. If indeed you have to owe then you must pay attention to the amount of interest and also the time period to pay off your debt.

3. Imagine you are in old age

What you want to be like in your old age will determine the direction of your financial management. Do you want to live a simple life in the village or you want your old age spent on vacation all requires careful financial planning. Financial planning must start from good financial management.

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4. Prepare insurance

One way to manage finances is to prepare a special fund for insurance. With insurance you don’t need to worry if at any time something happens that you don’t want. But you need to choose insurance that is reliable, easy to make disbursement of funds, as well as lightweight premiums according to ability.

5. Invest your money

Investing money is a necessity in the present. Currently you can make investments with a relatively low nominal. In addition, at this time you can also choose quite a large selection of investment products.

Investments have several kinds ranging from those that have low to high risk. Investments will provide benefits for you in the future.

6. Save a dime

Never underestimate the small change you have. You can use a piggy bank so you can save your nickels. Unnoticed that you collect coins you can use for your tertiary needs.

7. Don’t forget to save

Saving money is indeed very important in managing finances properly. It seems like everyone already knows about the importance of saving. But one important thing is that you should not save too much money in savings.

That is because your money will be consumed by inflation. Investment is something you should consider when managing your finances.

8. Separate various needs

Basically you can divide your needs based on time such as short, medium, and future. Short-term needs of course you must prioritize in fulfillment, but you also have to consider your future needs.

9. Record monthly finances

Your monthly financial records will help you evaluate your financial management. You will find out which sectors you can still save and which sectors you can prioritize more.

10. Control yourself

Your thoughts and psychology in managing money are very important to note. There are many people who are very wasteful when they are earning a lot of money. In such cases the mind and psychology of people are actually more instrumental in managing finances.

You must be able to refrain from controlling your various desires. Understand more about wants and needs.

11. Visit a financial consultant

As has been said above that financial management varies from person to person. Therefore you should consult with someone who is more expert. Because a lot of factors can affect one’s financial management. Financial consultants can provide advice that can improve your money management.

Manage Finances According to Successful People

Warren Buffet, who is the richest man at number three in 2015, says you have to use the money below the income you have. If you have expenses that are as large or even greater than your salary then your finances will be destroyed sooner or later. You will not be able to allocate your money for savings, insurance, or even investment.

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